SafePlate® Cultured Antimicrobials

Meat and poultry are at risk of food-borne pathogens and microorganisms. SafePlate® Cultured Antimicrobial ingredients are natural and contain antimicrobial rich organic acids and peptides capable of inhibiting toxin-producing spores, pathogens, and spoilage bacteria. Organoleptic properties like taste and smell are virtually uninhibited due to the purity, filtration, and proprietary processing Wenda Ingredients takes to craft these natural solutions.  Meat and poultry should taste the way they were meant to be enjoyed, naturally.

  • Usage Level: From 0.2% – 3%. Usage rates vary based on cooking method and packaging type, product pH, water activity, and more
  • Available as powder or liquid
  • Optional blend with SafePlate® Vinegar for a single ingredient solution
  • Buffered to a pH ranging from 5.8 – 6.2 ideal for all food products
  • Ingredients: Cultured Dextrose, Vinegar, Cultured Onion, and more
  • Label: Blend-dependent


  • Cook-in-bag Such as Sous Vide
  • RTE M&P
  • HPP Processed M&P
  • High Spore Risk M&P
  • RTE Meals
  • RTE Side Dishes
  • Plant-based Meat Alternatives
  • Salad Dressings
  • Cold Pasteurized Foods


  • Seamless replacement of competitive antimicrobials
  • Ultra concentrated for low sensory contribution and a low cost-in-use
  • Powdered options are free-flowing with low hygroscopicity for ease-of-use in production
  • Formulated low sodium solutions offering effortless sodium reduction without negatively affecting water activity
  • Excellent for use in seasoning blends

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