SafePlate® Cherry Powder

SafePlate® Acerola Cherry Powder works with natural sources of nitrite to accelerate curing, improve cured color throughout shelf-life, and meet USDA antimicrobial guidelines when used in conjunction with Wenda Ingredients’ SafePlate® Beet Powder or Celery Powders. Superior synergistic solution to using only a natural source of nitrite while still maintaining a low cost-in-use. Vitamin C concentrate options include a minimum of 34% for standard applications or a minimum of 17% for formulas that require a lower concentration for better dispersibility, such as sausages and meat sticks.

  • Usage Level: Application dependent, generally 100 – 500ppm of Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C)
  • Synergistic with natural nitrite sources for the ultimate cured color
  • Accelerates natural curing and helps prevent atmospheric cured color loss
  • Buffered to a pH perfect for all meat formulations
  • Vitamin C concentration options of minimum 17% (170,000ppm) or 34%  (340,000ppm)
  • Ingredients: Acerola cherries (active agent)
  • Label: “Cherry powder” or “Cherry powder, sea salt”


  • Deli Meats
  • Bacon
  • Hot Dogs
  • Sausages
  • Jerky
  • Meat Snacks
  • Canned Food
  • Dry-cured Meat
  • Poultry
  • Sous Vide Cooked Meats


  • Enhances performance of natural nitrite source while meeting USDA Antimicrobial Guidelines
  • Replaces Sodium Erythorbate with “Cherry Powder” for a consumer friendly label
  • Ultra concentrated for low sensory contribution and a low cost-in-use
  • Water-dispersible, free-flowing, and low hygroscopicity for ease-of-use and versatility in the production setting

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