Innovative ingredients and blends including nitrite and vitamin C derived from plant sources, provides natural cured color, flavor, and pathogen protection. Additionally, our line of cultured antimicrobials and vinegar blends protect against pathogens naturally, with shelf-life improvement capable of inhibiting listeria, clostridium spores and spoilage microbes.

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Natural phosphate alternatives to improve yield, juiciness and texture while maintaining a consumer-friendly label. With over 25+ years’ experience, Wenda Ingredients is the perfect partner for functional blends for phosphate replacement.

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The Future is Bright for Plant-Based Ingredients in Cured Meats

Plant-based ingredients such as cherry, beet and celery powder can hold the key to producing appealing meat and poultry for consumers.


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Dispelling Myths, Engaging Consumers with Meats Cured with Plant-Based Ingredients “Oh, I don’t eat cured meats, only plant-based foods because nitrites are bad.”

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