The SafePlate® brand includes innovative ingredients and blends derived from plant sources and cultures for providing natural curing, color retention, pathogen protection, and longer shelf-life.

Dried vinegar in a bowl

Dried Vinegar

A label-friendly way to inhibit pathogens and spoilage organisms while enhancing natural flavor!

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Sugar in a bowl

Cultured Antimicrobials

Natural way to inhibit spoilage, extend shelf life, inhibit pathogens and spore toxins, and easily replace expensive processes such as HPP.

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Celery on a plate

Celery Powder

Simply the best cultured celery juice powder in the world. 10x less insoluble plant fibers, flavor, color, and smell.

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Beet Powder

On-trend alternative to celery powder and ultra-clean nitrite solution for naturally cured meat and poultry.

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Bowl of cherries

Cherry Powder

Essential for cured color retention, shelf-life, and pathogen control when used with SafePlate® Beet and Celery Powders.

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The NatureBind® line of products provide all-natural solutions capable of replacing phosphates. NatureBind® products enable processors to enhance yields, tenderness, and juiciness with a clean label.

Plate of meat and herbs

Phosphate Alternative

A natural way to improve the consumer experience by decreasing purge, increasing cooked yield, and texture.

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