Wenda Ingredients Launches New Alternative in Cultured Antimicrobials Line

New Ultra-Clean Alternative, SafePlate® Cultured Onion

Wenda Ingredients is pleased to announce a new, cutting-edge, label-friendly ingredient for meat, side dishes, dressings, and more! The SafePlate® natural antimicrobial line has now expanded with a new product, Cultured Onion, available as a liquid or powder.

SafePlate® Cultured Onion contains naturally antimicrobial-rich organic acids and peptides capable of inhibiting toxin-producing spores, pathogens, and spoilage bacteria. Blends include naturally occurring peptide bacteriocins, propionic, acetic, and lactic acids to help food processors and brands meet antimicrobial guidelines. SafePlate® Cultured Onion is a cost-effective replacement for expensive HPP and an alternative to cultured dextrose.

The new, ultra clean-labeled product is designed to extend shelf-life and protect against pathogens without sacrificing flavor and has a low hygroscopicity for easy production use. This product can be used in a variety of applications such as sausages, RTE Meals and side dishes, deli meats, meat alternatives, and more!

Wenda Ingredients is dedicated to providing all-natural ingredients while upholding its foundational principles of honesty, integrity, and quality. SafePlate® and NatureBind® ingredients help food become safer, stay fresh longer, and be more satisfying for the senses. Wenda Ingredients products are made to help find the most advanced solutions for natural curing, yield and texture improvement, shelf-life extension, color retention, and pathogen control. Site LINK: wendaingredients.com

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