New Logo, Same Wenda

Wenda Ingredients

Wenda Ingredients is thrilled to announce a fresh look that conveys natural, clean, and simple. A new green logo will debut today, July 1st, 2022.   

Natural, clean, and simple, our logo refresh reflects our ingredients. Our fresh look is still accompanied by our commitment to help producers improve yield and texture, extend shelf-life, retain color, and protect against pathogens while never sacrificing a clean-label. 

We are dedicated to providing all-natural ingredients while upholding its foundational principles of honesty, integrity, and quality. SafePlate® and NatureBind® ingredients help food become safer, stay fresh longer, and be more satisfying for the senses.  

Producers of the most advanced natural solutions for yield and texture improvement, shelf-life extension, color retention, natural curing, and pathogen control. Site LINK: 

The Wenda Ingredients family has the experience to provide you with solutions to go clean-label and natural. Trust in Food®. Contact us at: or call 844-999-3632.