Cultured Sugar

Looking for a clean-label alternative for chemical preservatives? SafePlate® Cultured Sugar ingredients are natural and contain antimicrobial rich organic acids and peptides that can inhibit toxin-producing spores, pathogens and spoilage bacteria. SafePlate® Cultured Sugar blends contain dried vinegar and cultured cane sugar or cultured corn sugar for synergy. They can also enhance the organoleptic properties of processed meats, improving smell, taste, texture and appearance.

  • Ingredients: A variety of individual or blends with dried or liquid cultured cane or corn sugars and dried or liquid vinegars.
  • Buffered to a pH ideal for meat products (5.8 – 6.2).
  • Label: Product-dependent but including options with “cultured cane sugar” or “evaporated cane juice”, “cultured corn sugar”, “dried vinegar”, “vinegar” and “sea salt” (label per specs).


  • Cook-in-bag Such as Sous Vide
  • RTE M&P
  • HPP Processed M&P
  • High Spore Risk M&P
  • RTE Meals
  • RTE Side Dishes
  • Plant-based Meat Alternatives
  • Salad Dressings
  • Cold Pasteurized Foods


  • Most Effective Solution by Usage Level
  • Low Cost-in-use, Comparatively
  • Clean Flavor
  • Clean-label
  • Proven Antimicrobial
  • Water-soluble, Low Hygroscopicity,
    and Free-flowing

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