WBS® - Innovation For All Meat Processors


Portion controlled meat, poultry, and seafood
Ground fresh meat, poultry, and seafood
Course ground fully cooked products
Unique customized applications
Extension of mechanically separated poultry
Any product allowing added functional in ingredients may benefit from this product


Forms portion controlled meats
Adds value to under-utilized trim
Yielded cost savings
Allergen Free
Lower cost in use than competitive systems
More flexible and easier to use vs. enzymes
Cold-set functionality
Superior fresh meat color
Added as a dry blend or as a pre-hydrated
Improved sensory attributes (texture and juiciness

What's The Savings...

Whether its 100% extended
MSC, PB Beef 90's, or Restructured
Meat, WBS can take cost out of
ANY formula!

WBS will cut the cost of your formula while improving functionality!
Remove Allergens

Removing allergens vs cost savings may also be a critical objective. Texturized soy protein was replaced with PB90 in a commercial study. The resulting product now had no allergens, met sensory requirements, and still saved money! The increase in functionality, resulting in higher cook yields, was important for this trial.

Lower sodium without lowering yields...

Lower Sodium processed meats typically have reduced cook yields. As the amount of extracted functional protein decreases, so does yield. When you add pre-blended meat trim that does not contain salt, you have a reduced sodium product. Yields increase due to strong functionality of the binding system. The current backlash against sodium gives a strong argument to incorporate this technology.


Try pre-blended trims for all types of ground meat or poultry products which allows functional ingredients. Cost savings, sodium reduction, and allergen removal are all achievable when using the "new grinds"!

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