Novapro® - Functional Beef Protein Collagen

Ways To Use Novapro®

Addition in dry form
Addition in hydrated from
Typical use (add with water)
Prepared emulsions with Novapro


Increases the yield: depending on the amount used and the product extension, Novapro Functional Beef Protein Collagen helps to reduce 8% to 12% of the cooked purge losses when used alone or with other additives.

Improves the sliceability: ensures product elasticity, allowing to increase speed of slicers.

Improves texture: due to fat and water retention, final products are juicier, also allowing the reduction of fat added in formulations.

Reduces the superficial loss of water in sliced products: in sliced products displayed on trays, it improves shelf life by reducing the superficial moisture of the slices, improving appearance.

Reduces the water activity: as Functional Beef Powder molecules form hydrogen bonds with water, the use of Novapro provides a reduction in water activity, improving shelf-life and reducing water loss during storage.

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